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      Product Name Description
      Bovine disease ELISA Kit
      Cat. No.Product NameSpecs.FNE001Brucella Ab Elisa Kit(The indirect method)192TFNE002Brucella Ab Elisa Kit (Competitive
      Porcine disease ELISA Kit
      Cat. No.Product name Specs.FZE001Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) Ab Elisa Kit192TFZE002Clas
      Animal disease rapid test kits (Colloidal gold)
      Cat. No.Product name Specs.Antibody detection for Pig diseaseFZK001Porcine circovirus (PCV) Ab rapid test kits (Colloid
      Animal disease Gel PCR Kit
      Note: RNA nucleic acid default as : with no extraction buffer.Cat. No. with ldquo;Brdquo; as end, means to be equipped w
      Animal disease Real Time fluorescence PCR Kit
      Note: below fluorescence PCR test kits default as qualitative products. If need quantitative, need to order specially.