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      DNA/ RNA Extraction Kit (Column chromatography method and magnetic bead method)
      Date Issued:2015-09-16  View Count:647
      Description:DNA/ RNA Extraction Kit


      Cat. No.Product namepurposeSpecs.
      EAD001 Bacterial DNA Extraction KitMicrobial detection50T
      EAD002 Animal Genomic DNA Extraction Kitraw meat or animal tissue50T
      EAD003 DNA ExtractionFor fast extraction of nucleic acid DNA before PCR experiment2ml
      EAD004 Bacterial genomic DNA Extraction Kit(The magnetic bead method)For the separation and purification of high quality bacterial genomes from bacteria96 T
      EAD006 virus DNA Extraction Kit (column method)For extraction of virus DNA (column method)50 T
      EAR001 virus RNA Extraction KitFor extraction of virus RNA50 T
      EAR002 Virus RNA Extraction Kit(Column chromatography method)For extraction of virus RNA (column method)50 T
      EAR003 RNA Lysis BufferFor fast extraction of nucleic acid RNA before the PCR experiment.100ml
      EAR004 Virus DNA/RNA Extraction Kit(The magnetic bead methodFor the separation and purification of high quality RNA from serum, plasma, lymph, body fluid, cell preservation liquid, urine and virus preservation liquid96 T

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